Cinematic vs Realistic Campaigns

When starting any new campaign, the GM must choose whether to take a "realistic" stance, a "cinematic" one, or some middle road. This is arguably the most important decision of all in a game that features the martial arts - overshadowing even the choice of genre and setting - because martial-arts legend and fiction are about warriors trained in skills intended for violence. Where there's violence, there's pain, injury, and death . . . except when the storyteller focuses instead on such ideals as the heroes' principles, abilities, or basic "coolness." It can be difficult to reconcile the differences.

Each type of campaign has its strengths and weaknesses, and of course the players' preferences may differ from the GM's. If the PCs behave like high-kicking action heroes in a realistic game, or are all brutal pirates and mast-top snipers in a romantic 17th-century swashbuckling tale, the result will be a pile of dead bodies, followed by a dead campaign. The GM should therefore involve the players in his decision and note the abilities and rules that the campaign will use - and perhaps more importantly, the ones that it won't use.

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