Code of Honor

see p. B127

Three Codes from the Basic Set - Gentleman's, Soldier's, and Chivalry - suit martial artists well. Two additional Codes are important for historical campaigns:

Code of Honor (Bushido): The Japanese warrior code (see The Samurai, pp. 12-13). You must be absolutely loyal to your master and single-minded in the execution of his orders or those dictated by your station. You're expected to die rather than to fail in your task, and to commit ritual suicide without hesitation if so ordered. You must answer any challenge or insult to your lord. You must face pain, discomfort, and even death stoically. You must always be polite to your equals and superiors, and never overlook disrespect from social inferiors; such disrespect is usually punished by death. -15 points.

Code of Honor (Xia): The way of the Chinese knights-errant (see Xia, p. 8). You must be skilled at arms. You must keep your word, honor your pledges, be humble, and uphold justice for those in need. You must be brave and not spare yourself harm to help others. You must be willing to use force but also to show restraint when force isn't needed. You must respect and honor your teacher. -10 points.

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