Coin Toss Option

If someone with neither combat skills nor Combat Reflexes passes his Fright Check, he may elect to back off (a series of Move maneuvers) instead of turning his back to the foe and fleeing. If he chooses to fight, though, roll 1d at the start of his turn:

1-3 - He attacks the nearest foe that poses a danger - to him, a Dependent, an Ally, an adventuring companion, or a bystander, in that order. To offset his lack of skill, he makes an All-Out Attack (Determined) without realizing it! 4-6 - He decides to protect himself. He uses All-Out Defense (Increased Dodge) to move away from the nearest foe. If he has a ready weapon or shield, he may select Increased Parry or Increased Block instead.

Roll again each turn!

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