The Italian used his dagger to ward off Adrian's sword, and then counterattacked with a rapier thrust to her heart. "Impacciato, inglese!"

Adrian nimbly melted out of reach and shifted her left hand from ricasso to hilt, putting 10 feet of ground and three feet of steel between herself and her enemy. "Your language is the

howling of dogs, fop. I know only that you wear enough gold to feed a family for a year."

"And I shall have more once I collect the price on your head,"retorted the bounty hunter. He struck Adrian's extended blade with both of his own - but her strength and her sword's weight foiled his disarm.

"You plan to cut off my head using your inadequate little weapon?" Adrian taunted, keeping her distance.

It was enough. Her rival's face flushed red and he launched himself at her . . . but the infamous "flying lunge" simply screeched along Adrian's blade as it encountered her guard.

Spinning, Adrian spoiled her foe's landing with a slap of her blade, sending him sprawling face-first. Pricking his back with her point, she delivered an ultimatum, "Yield now and you shall lose only gold."

The combat techniques in Chapter 3 and fighting styles in Chapter 5 add significant depth to the abilities of warriors. A martial artist doesn't simply roll against his Karate or Smallsword skill - he uses his Tae Kwon Do expertise to throw a Jump Kick or his Escrima training to try a Dual-Weapon Attack. Not all combat options map to techniques and styles, though. Many require extensions to the combat system itself.

This entire chapter is an addendum to Chapters 11-14 of the Basic Set. It expands on the rules given there for combat and injury. Some of these additions are highly realistic while others are extremely cinematic, but they're all optional. The GM decides which rules apply. It's possible to use everything . .. but it's more fun (and less confusing!) to use only the subset of material that suits the campaign's genre and realism level.

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