Comic Books

Hama, Larry. Nth Man, the Ultimate Ninja (Marvel, 19891990). Ultimate ninja John Doe confronts an insane supervil-lain during World War III and its aftermath. Cinematic ninja action mixed with super-powers and militaria.

Koike, Kazuo and Kojima, Goseki. Lone Wolf and Cub (Dark Horse Comics, 2000-2002). A 28-volume comic (originally a Japanese manga) set in Tokugawa Japan. Follows the adventures of samurai-turned-assassin Ogami Itto and his young son, Daiguro. Features almost every samurai trope -and most ninja tropes, too.

Miller, Frank and others. Daredevil (Marvel, 1964-pres-ent). Daredevil is a blind martial-arts master who contends with ninja, a supervillain Throwing Art expert, and other martial artists. Created by Stan Lee, but look for Miller-era comics (1979-1982). The spin-off comics and movie are of uneven quality.

The Ultimate Karate Bible

The Ultimate Karate Bible

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