Committed Attack

Most martial arts teach a continuum of options between the dedicated offense of All-Out Attack and pure defense of All-Out Defense. The Attack maneuver is a good middle ground, but the GM may allow two new maneuvers that let fighters emphasize either offense or defense without forsaking the other completely. Committed Attack falls between Attack and All-Out Attack, while Defensive Attack (below) lies between Attack and All-Out Defense. In campaigns that use these rules, some combat techniques require the user to choose one of these maneuvers instead of Attack.

Committed Attack represents an aggressive attack such as a "haymaker," lunge (for a full-extension lunge, see All-Out Attack (Long), pp. 97-98), pass, or roundhouse. The fighter must use a ready melee attack and choose one of these options before he attacks:

• Determined: Make a single attack at +2 to hit.

• Strong: Make a single attack at normal skill and +1 to damage. This only applies to melee attacks doing ST-based thrust or swing damage - not to force swords, etc. At the GM's option, the damage bonus can scale up for high-ST characters: add +1 to damage per two full dice of basic damage, before other modifiers.

Movement: Step or two steps. A second step gives -2 to hit, making the total modifier +0 for Committed Attack (Determined) or -2 for Committed Attack (Strong). Movement can come before or after the attack. An attacker who takes two steps can step, attack, and step again - a tactic known as "attack and fly out."

Active Defense: The attacker cannot parry with the hand(s) he used to attack, block if he attacked with his shield or cloak, or dodge if he kicked. He can use any other defense, but at -2. He cannot retreat.

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