Common Disadvantages

Many martial artists are honorable warriors, dedicated athletes, or respectful traditionalists. These individuals frequently have such disadvantages as Code of Honor (p. B127); Disciplines of Faith (p. B132), typically Asceticism in historical settings; Pacifism (p. B148), most likely Reluctant Killer or Self-Defense Only; Sense of Duty (p. B153), to fellow students or a master; and Vow (p. B160).

The martial arts also attract more than their share of intemperate, obsessed, vengeful, and violent people who want to learn to maim or kill - or who believe in victory at any cost. These individuals often have some combination of Bad Temper (p. B124); Berserk (p. B124); Bloodlust (p. B125); Bully (p. B125); Callous (p. B125); Fanaticism (p. B136); Intolerance (p. B140); Obsession (p. B146); and Sadism (p. B152).

Either kind of fighter might find his confidence in his training blossoming into Overconfidence (p. B148). From an outsider's perspective, the dedication of a career martial artist looks like Workaholic (p. B162). Both disadvantages are almost universal among movie action heroes!

Finally, a few disadvantages are actually desirable for certain martial artists. Overweight, Fat, and Very Fat (p. B19) benefit those who practice Sumo (pp. 198-199), by reducing knockback from shoves and slams. Gigantism (p. B20), by granting +1 SM, gives a discount on the point cost of ST and a bonus to pin attempts (p. B370), making it valuable to grapplers.

Minor Delusions affect combat against a rare category of foes, apply just once per battle, or only come up under uncommon circumstances. Examples: "Western boxers are pansies, and no match for my karate." "If I start the bout with my secret technique, I'll almost certainly win." "I'm invincible if I fight in a temple." -5 points.

Major Delusions affect combat against a large category of foes or concern situations that might arise in almost any fight. Examples: "My skill at Asian martial arts makes me more effective than any Westerner." "Fighters who kick are weaklings and cowards." "Wounding me only makes me more dangerous." -10 points.

Severe Delusions affect almost all combat, all of the time. Examples: "I'm the best brawler in the world." "Being of good breeding, I can defeat any lower-class foe." "My style is the ultimate martial art." -15 points.

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