Decide what the technique does in game terms. Skip down to Defaults (pp. 9092) to see what's possible, if you're unsure. The crucial thing to remember is that combat skills - studied as part of a style or on their own - represent the distillation of decades, centuries, or millennia of experience under circumstances where error could mean death. Thus, their core uses provide a tried-and-true balance between several measures of effectiveness, notably defense, mobility, power, precision, reach, and speed. A technique that stresses one or two of these things will compromise the rest.

Also bear in mind that a technique cannot improve the core use of the skill to which it defaults: punching for Boxing, Brawling, or Karate; grappling for Judo, Sumo Wrestling, or Wrestling; or swings and thrusts for Melee Weapon skills. Techniques can only boost secondary uses (e.g., kicking, for Brawling or Karate) or penalized versions of primary ones. The same logic applies to techniques that default to active defenses: these cannot improve ordinary active defense rolls, only penalized uses in special circumstances.

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