Countering Feints and Deceptive Attacks

If you're watching your opponent's rhythm and movements in order to get a clear shot at him, you're more likely to notice everything he's doing - including his actions toward you! At the GM's option, you may use your current Evaluate bonus against a foe to cancel out defense penalties from any feint or Deceptive Attack he attempts against you. This can never give a net bonus. For instance, if you've taken two turns of Evaluate (for +2 to skill) when your foe launches a Deceptive Attack that gives you -4 to defend, you would defend at only -2.

This applies only to Deceptive Attacks and feints that occur while you're taking the Evaluate maneuver, and only negates penalties to defend against that one foe. Once you make an attack on him and claim your Evaluate bonus, you lose this side benefit until you Evaluate again.

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