Defensive Grip

Shifting into or out of a Defensive Grip (pp. 109-111) with a melee weapon requires a Ready maneuver. This is never a free action - even for those with the Fast-Draw skill - but the required Ready can be simultaneous with one or more of drawing the weapon, changing its reach (if it has a "*" in its Reach statistic), regaining control after an attack (if it has a "£" in its ST statistic), or shifting between one-and two-handed grips.

Examples: A fighter who swung his glaive at reach 3 could use one Ready maneuver to assume a Defensive Grip and reduce his reach to 2 and regain control of his weapon. A warrior with a broadsword could use a single Ready to unsheathe his sword directly into a Defensive Grip - but if he used Fast-Draw to get his weapon, he would still have to take a Ready to get into a Defensive Grip.

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