Designing Techniques for Nonhumans

Slight physiological differences between humans and nonhumans needn't imply new techniques. It's easiest to use human techniques and simply note the impact - if any - of minor physical peculiarities. Features (p. B452) should only alter special effects. Small differences that make techniques more effective don't change the techniques but qualify as racial perks (just like Fur, p. B101) in Martial Arts games; e.g., "Long Thumbs" is a perk because it converts Eye-Gouging (p. 71) from a nasty attack to a deadly one.

Major body parts - Extra Arms, Strikers, etc. - often do require new techniques. The fastest way to design such a technique is to start with a human technique and modify its default and damage to reflect the capabilities of nonhuman body parts relative to those that the technique assumes. For example, a tail is an Extra Arm that "punches" for thrust-1 damage while a leg has -2 DX and kicks for thrust damage, so when adapting kicks to tail strikes, the default becomes two points less severe but damage drops a point. Thus, a "Tail Smash" based on Stamp Kick (pp. 80-81) defaults at -1, not -3, and does thrust damage, not thrust+1.

Design techniques with no human equivalent using the detailed system. The standard attack modes of a body part are its basic attacks, with effective DX and damage as noted above. A technique that grants a whole new basic attack -e.g., a grapple with a Striker such as horns - has a special benefit and merits the standard -1 to its default.

Additional notes and examples appear under Sweep (p. 81), Teeth (p. 115), and Close Combat and Body Morphology (p. 114-117).

Chapter Four

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