Desirable Advantages

Below are lists of advantages particularly valuable to martial artists, split into categories that reflect common fictional archetypes. Anybody can have the mundane traits, but only cinematic or super-powered characters are likely to have the exotic or supernatural ones.

• Agility and coordination. Fighters who put precision before power and feel that evading blows is more useful than being able to take lumps often have some of these traits, plus good DX, Basic Speed, and/or Basic Move. Mundane: Ambidexterity (p. B39); Combat Reflexes (p. B43); Enhanced Defenses (p. B51); Extra Attack (p. B53); Flexibility (p. B56); and Perfect Balance (p. B74). Exotic & Supernatural: Altered Time Rate (p. B38); Arm DX (p. B40); Enhanced Move (p. B52); Enhanced Time Sense (p. B52); Slippery (p. B85); and Super Jump (p. B89).

• Endurance and toughness. Some martial artists pride themselves on being able to take a few hits. This calls for high HT, FP, Will, and/or HP, along with an advantage or two from this list. Mundane: Fit (p. B55); Hard to Kill (p. B58); Hard to Subdue (p. B59); High Pain Threshold (p. B59); Rapid Healing (p. B79); and Resistant (p. B81). Exotic & Supernatural Damage Resistance (p. B46); Injury Tolerance (p. B60); Recovery (p. B80) Regeneration (p. B80); Regrowth (p. B80); Supernatural Durability (p. B89); and Unkillable (p. B95).

• Power and strength. Heavy hitters require ST - as much as they can afford. In some campaigns, advantages that improve damage are available. Exotic & Supernatural: Arm ST (p. B40); Claws (p. B42); Striker (p. B88); Striking ST (p. B88); and Teeth (p. B91).

• Situational awareness. Tactical and streetwise warriors try to pick their fights carefully and avoid danger. These traits help, and work best with decent IQ and Per. Mundane: Acute Senses (p. B35); Danger Sense (p. B47); Fearlessness (p. B55); Peripheral Vision (p. B74); and Unfazeable (p. B95). Exotic & Supernatural: 360° Vision (p. B34) and Vibration Sense (p. B96) - although any superhuman sense could come in handy.

Finally, anyone who routinely goes on dangerous adventures would benefit from Daredevil (p. B47) and Luck (p. B66)!

Ghost Shirt (-70%): DR 20 (Limited, Bullets, -60%; Pact, -10%) [30]. Notes: Your chi lets you resist bullets - if you don't use modern weapons yourself! The special Pact limitation means you must take and observe Vow (Use only muscle-powered attacks) [-10]. If you use guns, explosives, etc., for any reason, you immediately lose the DR until 1d days have passed (the GM rolls in secret). Treat the combination of DR and Vow as a meta-trait: Ghost Shirt [20]. 20 points.

Enhanced Defenses see p. B51

The GM decides how many levels of these traits are available. Enhanced Defenses are cinematic and not especially suitable for a purely realistic game . . . but in a campaign that adds subtle cinematic elements to a largely realistic setting (see Hybrid Campaigns, pp. 239-241), a single level won't upset things. The typical "action movie" game can take two levels in stride. Campaigns that feature extreme comic-book and wuxia action might go up to three levels, but probably not beyond that - not unless the GM likes untouchable fighters!

Most martial artists can only take Enhanced Defenses listed under "Optional Traits" for their styles; see Chapter 5. Those with Trained by a Master or Weapon Master have access to all Enhanced Defenses. Weapon Masters who have Enhanced Parry may add their bonus to parries made using the Parry Missile Weapons skill (p. B212) as well as with regular Melee Weapon skills, when armed with suitable weapons.

To mute the deadliness of ranged weapons so that most fights end up at melee range, the GM may let heroes buy Enhanced Parry (All parries against ranged weapons) for 5 points/level - possibly at higher levels than other types of Enhanced Parry. This gives a bonus to regular parries against thrown weapons (see Parrying, p. B376) and to parries with the Parry Missile Weapons skill. Its bonus "stacks" with those for weapon-specific Enhanced Parry advantages.

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