Disguised Weapons

Building a weapon into something obvious doesn't involve Holdout. Those looking for it must use Search to learn its true function.

A weapon that works "as is" but looks like a harmless item - normally possible only for blunt instruments -costs double. For instance, a yagyuzue (p. 225) is a presentation-quality jo, which would normally cost $50. Disguising it as a walking stick doubles that to $100.

A thrusting-only pole weapon can have a cap crafted to let it look and function as stick of the same overall weight until uncapped (a Ready maneuver). Add $30 to cost - $150 if presentation-quality - and 0.5 lb. to weight. A makhila (p. 219), for instance, is a presentation-quality javelin. That's usually $150, 2 lbs., but the fancy cap makes it $300, 2.5 lbs. and disguises it as a light club.

A weapon sheathed entirely inside a larger item has its usual weight but costs triple. The decoy item has its full weight, too; its cost is normal if fake, tripled if functional (like another weapon). For example, a kusarijutte (p. 219) built from a functional jutte ($40, 1 lb.) with a 2-yard kusari ($40, 2.5 lbs.) inside is $240, 3.5 lbs. Blades hidden this way, like sword canes, are thin - quality is a level lower than what's paid for.

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