Enhanced Time Sense

see p. B52

A fighter with Enhanced Time Sense (ETS) always acts before one who lacks it - both in the "turn sequence" (p. B363) and in a Wait situation (see Cascading Waits, p. 108). This is especially useful to a martial artist who must face firearms. It lets him spring across a room and take out a gunman who has him dead to rights! It also lets him parry bullets, if he knows the Parry Missile Weapons skill (see p. 58). He can even try to dodge a sniper's bullet (normally, no active defense is possible). The GM may extend these benefits to encompass blaster bolts and other slower-than-light ranged attacks.

I kick arse for the Lord!

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All of this makes ETS perfect for campaigns based on action movies. In the movies, Stars always get the drop on Extras, even alerted Extras with machine guns, and snipers shooting at Stars always miss with their first shot. Naturally, PCs are Stars, as are bosses, top henchmen, and other important NPCs. Stars are likely to have ETS; the GM can even make it a "campaign advantage" that all PCs must have. Everyone else is an Extra, and Extras never have ETS. This approach converts ETS from an exotic advantage to an Unusual Background that extends "plot immunity" to Stars - an extremely common feature of martial-arts cinema. In some films, ETS only applies during action sequences; see the special limitation below.

Finally, in campaigns that use Bullet Time (p. 133), the GM might wish to reserve that rule for heroes who have ETS.

New Special Limitation

Combat Sense: Your ability only works when you're fighting. While the game is in "slow" time for combat (see Time During Adventures, p. B497), you enjoy all the usual benefits of ETS. The rest of the time, your advantage does nothing! It won't help you avoid penalties for being rushed on non-combat tasks and it's worthless against traps, snipers, and environmental hazards encountered out of combat. -20%.

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