Existing Options

The extra-effort options on p. B357 generally work as written with the rules in this chapter, but a few notes are in order:

Feverish Defense: This is incompatible with Committed Attack (pp. 99-100) as well as with All-Out Attack. The +2 to one defense roll "stacks" with the +1 for Defensive Attack (p. 100) or +2 for All-Out Defense (Increased Defense). All of these bonuses are cumulative with the +1 to parry frontal attacks with Defensive Grip (pp. 109-111).

By using all of these options and retreating, a fighter can buy a lot of time. This can slow down combat. To keep things dramatic, the GM may rule that only combatants in the throes of mental disadvantages can go to such extremes. For instance, a hero with Sense of Duty could sacrifice himself in a retreating battle down a narrow corridor as his allies escape, or a villain with Cowardice could clutch his rapier in both hands and be beaten back to the wall, to collapse in exhaustion rather than shed blood.

Flurry of Blows: This is "legal" for any number of attacks made with a Rapid Strike during an All-Out Attack, Attack, Committed Attack, or Defensive Attack. The attacker can buy this benefit for some or all of his blows. The cost is 1 FP per attack. Those with Trained by a Master or Weapon Master halve the penalty again (drop all fractions). For instance, a Weapon Master making a Rapid Strike for four attacks would have a basic -18, halved to -9 for his advantage. He could use Flurry of Blows to be at only -4 for one, two, three, or all four attacks. This would cost him 1-4 FP.

Mighty Blows: This is exclusively an option for Attack; it doesn't work with All-Out Attack, Committed Attack, Defensive Attack, or Move and Attack - or with techniques based on these maneuvers. It is compatible with techniques that allow bonus damage on a regular Attack. A fighter with multiple attacks thanks to Extra Attack, Dual-Weapon Attack, Rapid Strike, or a Combination may apply this to more than one attack, but the cost is 1 FP per attack.

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