Expanded Combat Maneuvers

In a Martial Arts game, the GM might permit the following additional possibilities for the combat maneuvers described on pp. B363-366. These options supplement those in the Basic Set but don't replace them. Unless noted otherwise, all of the usual benefits and drawbacks of the underlying maneuver still apply - notably those described under "Movement" and "Active Defense."

As explained in Creating New Techniques (pp. 89-95), some combat techniques are based on specific maneuvers; e.g., Jump Kick (p. 75) is a Committed Attack or All-Out Attack. Such techniques are new options for the maneuvers in question, on an equal footing with but distinct from those in the Basic Set. For instance, Jump Kick allows a unique All-Out Attack option, All-Out Attack (Jump Kick), which you can't combine with a basic option such as All-Out Attack (Strong) or another technique-specific option like All-Out Attack (Whirlwind).

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