Expert Skillf

see p. B193

For general rules governing Expert Skills, see the Basic Set. A new Expert Skill is important in Martial Arts games:

Hoplology: This is the study of how people fight, invented by explorer Sir Richard F. Burton in the 19th century and championed by martial artist Donn F. Draeger in the 20th. Its goals are to classify weapons and fighting styles by their origins and capabilities, and understand why they evolved. Hoplology can stand in for Anthropology, Psychology, or Sociology to identify known types of ritual combat or combative behavior; Archaeology, Geography, or History to answer questions about who used a weapon or style, where, and when; and Armoury or Connoisseur (Weapons) to identify a weapon. A successful roll while watching a fight will identify the combatants' styles (but to identify secret styles, you'll need Hidden Lore, p. 57) and give an idea of what techniques to expect.

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Martial Arts An Introduction

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