Extra Attack

see p. B53

A realistic martial artist may take one level of Extra Attack to represent excellent coordination. This lets him attack with any combination of two different weapons, hands, or feet, with no restrictions on the skills involved. To attack multiple times with the same weapon or body part requires the Multi-Strike enhancement. If both attacks must use the same combat skill, take the Single Skill limitation. Both modifiers appear below.

The GM decides how many levels of Extra Attack are possible in a cinematic game. Multi-Strike should be mandatory for humans with more than one level, as with three or more attacks and only two hands, one hand will be striking twice. The GM may relax this requirement if the martial artist takes Single Skill for skill that covers kicking. A warrior with Extra Attack 3 (Single Skill, Karate) could make two punches and two kicks at once - at least in a chambara or wuxia game where fighters rarely seem to touch the ground!

The GM decides whether Extra Attack is learnable. If so, consider using Single Skill to represent practice with a particular combat skill. Fighters who use paired weapons are more likely to buy Off-Hand Weapon Training (p. 50) and Dual-Weapon Attack (p. 83), however.

See Multiple Attacks (pp. 126-128) for other important details.

New Special Enhancement

Multi-Strike: You can strike more than once with the same weapon or body part. This lets you launch more attacks than you have limbs, natural weapons, and attack abilities. You can use your best attack multiple times. +20%.

New Special Limitation

Single Skill: Your Extra Attacks apply only to a particular combat skill. For instance, Extra Attack 2 (Single Skill, Karate) lets you attack three times - but at least two of the attacks must be with the Karate skill. To attack more than once using a weapon skill, you need either one weapon per attack or the Multi-Strike enhancement. -20%.

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