Extra Hit Points

The GM may let martial artists with appropriate Style Perks increase Hit Points by up to 100% instead of the usual 30%. Hulking TV wrestlers, heavyweight boxers, and massive sumotori traditionally enjoy this benefit. Such giants should use the Build Table (p. B18) to find weight from HP instead of ST. Use the "Overweight" column for HP up to 130% of ST, the "Fat" column for HP up to 150% of ST, and the "Very Fat" column for HP up to 200% of ST.

Extra HP can also represent an unrealistic damage-taking capacity for ordinary-sized people; see Cinematic Injury (p. 139). In that case, anyone might be able to buy lots of HP. Hit points in excess of ST don't affect the weight of such characters, or increase the damage they take or inflict in falls and slams.

Remember that major wounds, crippling, and death all depend on thresholds calculated from HP. Those with 20+ HP also benefit from High HP and Shock (p. B419) and High HP and Healing (p. B424).

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