Extreme Dismemberment

If a cutting attack would sever the leg or foot of someone who's standing or lying down, or the arm or hand of a fighter who's grappling or using two hands to wield a weapon, it might cut through the target body part and strike the other hand, arm, leg, or foot! To see if this occurs, roll damage normally, subtract DR, and multiply by 1.5 for a cutting attack. If the resulting injury exceeds that required for dismemberment (see p. B421), the attacker may elect to carry his attack through to the other limb or extremity.

To do this, the attacker must make a weapon skill roll to guide his weapon to its new target. Roll against the effective skill of the initial attack at -1. Success means the second limb or extremity is hit. The victim gets no active defense (he has already failed to avoid this attack) and the attacker doesn't reroll damage - use the original damage roll. Apply an effective DR equal to the new target's DR, plus the DR of the severed body part, plus HP/2 if that was a limb or HP/3 if it was an extremity (round up).

Example: Leif swings his greatsword (2d+3 cutting) at the arm of a mercenary who is wielding a spear in two hands. Leif's skill is 15 and the arm is at -2 to hit, so his effective skill is 13. His attack roll succeeds and his opponent fails to parry - a hit! Leif rolls 12 points of damage. Subtracting DR 2 for his foe's armor leaves 10 points of damage. The cutting modifier converts this to 15 points of injury. The spearman has 11 HP, so Leif must inflict 6 HP (injury over HP/2) to cripple the arm. Twice that, or 12 HP, hacks it off ... so the arm comes off.

But Leif caused 15 points of injury, so he may opt to cut through to the other arm at -1 to his original attack roll, or 12. He succeeds, his target receives no defense, and the damage roll is the original 12. The effective DR of the second arm is its own DR 2, plus the severed arm's DR 2, plus 6 HP for sliced meat and bone. This comes to DR 10, so 2 points of cutting damage penetrate. This deals 3 points of injury to the spearman's other arm!

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