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see p. B194

In combat-heavy campaigns - like Martial Arts games -it's crucial to know exactly what weapons each Fast-Draw specialty covers. This list isn't exhaustive, but it's a start:

Force Sword: Any ultra-tech weapon that retracts into its hilt and requires the user to toggle a power switch to ready it. Includes all Force Sword, Force Whip, and Monowire Whip weapons.

Knife: All Knife and Main-Gauche weapons, and any weapon hurled using Thrown Weapon (Dart) or Thrown Weapon (Knife).

Sword: Weapons that call for Broadsword, Jitte/Sai, Rapier, Saber, Shortsword, or Smallsword skill - including sticks covered by those skills. The GM may extend this to such sticks as boomerangs and spear throwers, which use Thrown Weapon (Stick) and Spear Thrower, respectively.

Two-Handed Sword: All Two-Handed Sword weapons, plus any 1- or 2-yard Spear or Polearm weapon carried tip-down in a back sheath, like a naginata.

The GM may allow these new specialties for exotic weapons:

Balisong: Used to open or close a balisong (p. 213) that's already in hand. Roll against skill to do either. Critical failure causes a point of cutting damage to the hand; critical success gives +1 to Intimidation. Use Fast-Draw (Knife) to draw a balisong. If you use Fast-Draw (Balisong) on the same turn, it's at -2; see Multiple Fast-Draw (p. 103).

Flexible: Any chain, rope, or thong used as a weapon, including all Kusari and Whip weapons, and slings (use Sling skill). In cinematic campaigns, add nunchaku (use Flail skill) to the list.

Shuriken: Any weapon hurled using Thrown Weapon (Shuriken).

Stone: Sling ammo and throwing stones, when carried in a container. Works like Fast-Draw (Arrow).

Tonfa: Any baton with a protruding side handle, for use with Tonfa skill.

For special Fast-Draw rules, see Multiple Fast-Draw (p. 103), Fast-Draw from Odd Positions (pp. 103-104), Who Draws First? (p. 103), and Quick-Readying Nearby Weapons (p. 104).

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