Flying Attack

Somewhat less risky than an Acrobatic Attack is a Flying Attack: a Move and Attack with a jump for extra distance (not to avoid an obstacle, evade a foe, etc.) just before the attack. You must run, then jump, and then attack. You cannot change the order; you need an uninterrupted run to build momentum for the jump, and a successful jump to attack.

First, run as far as you plan to. This can be any distance up to your full Move. In fact, this option gives little benefit unless you run your full Move!

Next, make a running broad jump. This requires a DX or Jumping roll. Success gives extra movement equal to your jumping distance at the end of your run. Add the bonus for running, but halve the final distance for jumping in combat. Your jump carries you in the direction you were running. Failure means you fall down and you turn ends; you cannot attack. See Jumping (p. B352) for details.

Finally, launch your attack. You can attack anyone you can reach from your landing point. This is at -5 instead of the usual -4 for Move and Attack. The usual restrictions on Move and Attack still apply, such as the maximum adjusted skill of 9.

Many cinematic techniques are Flying Attacks. These often time the jump to improve damage, and focus so sharply on offense that they lack the usual skill cap on Move and Attack. See Creating New Techniques (pp. 89-95) to learn how to design techniques like this. Such moves have dire consequences if they fail, though - the attacker is so committed to attacking that he needs a successful hit to brake! For an example, see Flying Jump Kick or Flying Lunge (pp. 83-84).

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