Flying Leap

A triple-powered leap is sometimes overkill in combat. A jump that merely doubles jumping distance - and ST, for a Drop Kick, Flying Jump Kick, etc. - is at +5 to skill.

Wuxia movies simulate flying leaps by suspending actors from wires, giving such jumps a lazy, floating appearance instead of an aggressive, ballistic one. Within the story, the explanation is often "lightening the body." If you leap like this, you still have double or triple your jumping distance -but use only your normal jumping distance to work out your Move in a slam, and your unmodified ST for a Drop Kick, Flying Jump Kick, etc. This kind of jump is at +5 to skill.

These modifiers only cancel out penalties for hasty use of the skill - they never give a net bonus. You can combine the two options for +10 to skill. This negates the -10 to use the skill instantly and permits a jump for double distance with no bonuses to ST or slam damage, which is still very useful when evading or making a Flying Attack.

Flying Leap costs the usual 1 FP per use with these options, but since they're both less exhausting than full-powered use, success by 5+ means there's no FP cost at all!

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