GMDeveloped Styles

The GM has free rein to develop new styles. The only hard-and-fast rule is that a style needs a unifying philosophy - even if it's only "defeat all foes in total combat" - or it will feel like a haphazard group of skills and techniques, tossed together on a whim. In particular, look out for techniques and skills that don't mix well. For instance, the aesthetics of Karate Art are at odds with the pragmatism of Head Butt, and Breath Control and Combat Art/Sport would seem impractical next to Melee Weapon skills in a style intended for soldiers.

A useful method of generating new styles is simply to rename existing ones - perhaps Martian Kung Fu is just Wushu with a different name. Another option is to modify a style with one of the lenses under Choosing a Style (pp. 144-146) or a GM-created lens. Yet another is to modify an existing style to suit the peculiarities of a nonhuman race; e.g., Dwarven Ogre-Slayers learn Sumo but add Brawling to its skills and Head Butt and TA (Head Butt/Groin) to its techniques.

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