Defaults: Cloak, or other prerequisite skill-2.

Prerequisite: Cloak or appropriate Melee Weapon skill; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

Many armed styles teach how to step close to a foe, maneuver a weapon past him, and then pull it in tightly to restrain him. This results in an actual grapple of his body in close combat. To snag an opponent at full reach, use Entangle (p. 71) for a flexible weapon or Hook (p. 74) for one with a hook or other projection. To lock blades with him, use Bind Weapon (see below).

To initiate an armed grapple, roll against weapon skill at -2 - this is an awkward and unconventional attack for most weapons. It's a standard move with a cloak, however, and uses your unpenalized Cloak skill (see p. B404). Use the hit location penalties for grappling, not those for striking.

Your opponent may use any normal defense. If he fails to defend, you've successfully grappled him with your weapon. While using your weapon to grapple, you can neither attack nor defend with it. On your turn, you can follow up with a takedown, pin, choke, or Arm Lock (options depend on the body part grappled). Releasing the grapple is a free action.

A one-handed weapon other than a cloak can only grapple if you grip it in two hands first. This requires a Ready maneuver.

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