Defaults: Brawling-5, Judo-5, or Wrestling-5.

Prerequisite: Brawling, Judo, or Wrestling; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

This close-combat attack consists of grabbing someone's head and pressing your thumbs into his eyes. It usually requires two empty hands. Roll against Eye-Gouging to hit.

Your foe may defend normally. If he fails, you grapple him and he cannot see! He can try to break free (p. B371) as usual on his turn.

Until your victim breaks free, you can drive your thumbs into his eyes on subsequent turns. This counts as an attack but doesn't require an attack roll. Each eye takes thrust-4 crushing damage. This can cripple and blind the eyes but never gets the x4 wounding modifier for the skull - the thumbs are too short! (Exception: The GM may give some nonhumans the perk "Long Thumbs," in which case the wounding modifier does apply. The same goes for fighters with Talons or Long Talons.)

You can gouge one-handed. The attack roll is against Eye-Gouging-4. Only one eye takes damage on later turns.

"Go for the eyes!"

Blinding your foe is an effective tactic - but while the eyes are fragile, they're also too small for most strikes to get at them effectively. Eye-Gouging (p. 71) is one solution but hardly the only one!

All of these close-combat strikes require an empty hand. If one of them hits and the target fails to defend, the victim must roll vs. Will. Any failure means he flinches and has -1 to attack and defense rolls until the end of his next turn, in addition to the technique's other effects.

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