Defaults: Brawling-2 or Karate-2.

Prerequisite: Brawling or Karate; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

Kicking covers all kicks not defined as standalone techniques: crescent kicks, hook kicks, rising kicks, roundhouse kicks, snap kicks, etc. Knowledgeable players are free to embellish, but in all cases, a kick requires an attack roll against Kicking and inflicts thrust crushing damage. Use Brawling or Karate skill - not Kicking - to determine the damage bonus, and use only the highest bonus. If you miss, roll vs. Kicking or DX to avoid falling down.

Combine Kicking with Committed Attack (pp. 99-100) or All-Out Attack for devastating kicks like roundhouses or stepping side kicks, or with Defensive Attack (p. 100) for close, jabbing kicks. Add in Deceptive Attack (p. B369) for fast snaps and other tricky moves, or Telegraphic Attack (p. 113) for slow kicks with big windups.

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