Default: prerequisite skill Parry-1.

Prerequisite: Judo, Sumo Wrestling, or Wrestling; cannot exceed prerequisite Parry.

Trip lets you cause a two-legged foe to stumble and miss with a slam. It counts as a parry with the prerequisite skill.

Success means you avoid the slam and your attacker must make a DX or Acrobatics roll at -5 or fall down!

Per p. B376, a charging fighter's "effective weight" as a weapon equals his ST. Since your weight limit with an unarmed parry equals your Basic Lift, Trip fails automatically if your foe's effective weight exceeds your BL. At ST 8 and BL 13, you couldn't stop a ST 14+ opponent. With ST 14 and BL 39, only ST 40+ giants would be a problem.

Shield DB doesn't benefit Trip. You can't retreat for a bonus, either - or use a Slip or Sideslip (see Retreat Options, pp. 123-124). You can Dive by assuming a crawling posture across your foe's path. Apply the usual modifier to your roll and use 2xBL to determine whom you can trip.

You can't attack with Trip - use Sweep (see above) for that. However, you can use Trip to intercept someone running past you (not merely stepping) within a yard. On a battle map, that's through your hex or an adjacent hex. This works like a regular Trip and counts as a parry.

Trip can use many body parts: arms, legs, a hip, etc. You must Dive or use a free foot to intercept a runner who isn't trying to slam you.

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