Defaults: Flail-5 or Kusari-5.

Prerequisite: Flail or Kusari; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

This technique capitalizes on a kusari or flail's flexibility to strike the enemy from behind while facing him. To attempt it, you must have sufficient reach to attack a yard beyond your opponent - that is, reach equal to his range from you plus a yard.

Roll against Return Strike to hit. If the target has never seen this move (GM decides), treat it as an attack from behind. This usually allows no active defense! Otherwise, it's considered an attack from the side, which gives -2 to most defenses. See pp. B390-391 for detailed rules. Damage is unchanged, but only the DR on your victim's back applies.

You can combine Return Strike with Close Combat (p. 69) to do a "wrap shot" while in close quarters; see Using Techniques Together (p. 64). Treat this as striking into close combat (p. B392). If you miss your target or he dodges, you may hit yourself!

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