Defaults: Kusari-4 or Whip-4.

Prerequisite: Kusari or Whip; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

You can use a flexible weapon such as a whip or a kusari to entangle a foe. Roll against Entangle to hit. If your opponent fails to defend, the weapon wraps around him.

If you hit your victim's arm or torso, you ensnare it. On subsequent turns, you must take a Ready maneuver to keep your opponent snared. Roll a Quick Contest of ST each turn. If you win, you immobilize your foe. If you lose, he pulls your weapon from your grasp. On a tie, he immediately breaks free without disarming you.

If you entangle the neck, use the same rules but your opponent has -5 in the Contest. If you win, the whip or kusari cuts off the victim's breathing - see Suffocation (p. B436).

If you entangle a foot or a leg, the target must make a DX roll to remain standing (this is instead of the Contest above). He's at -4 if he was running. If he falls, he takes 1d-4 crushing damage - or 1d-2 if running. On subsequent turns, use the rules above to keep him entangled.

You must keep your weapon taut at all times to immobilize or suffocate your victim. This requires a Ready maneuver each turn. If you're mounted and your mount is trained to do this for you, substitute its ST for yours in the Quick Contest.

To escape from a taut whip or kusari, you must attack and cut it (the damage required depends on the weapon). To escape from a limp weapon - including one pulled from the attacker's grasp - you need a free hand and must make three successful DX rolls. Each attempt counts as a Ready maneuver, during which you may take no other action.

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