Default: Wrestling-2.

Prerequisite: Wrestling; cannot exceed Wrestling skill level.

This technique allows you to grapple an adversary's legs using your own. You must have both legs free. You must also be lying face-up, sitting, or standing - but if you're standing, then successful or not, you automatically end your turn on the ground. Scissors Hold isn't possible from other postures (kneeling, crouching, etc.).

Roll against Scissors Hold to hit. Your opponent defends normally. If you succeed, you've grappled his legs with yours. He may try to break free on his turn. If he fails, or chooses not to try, you've locked your legs around his. He may attempt to break free on subsequent turns, but at a cumulative -1 per turn.

If your foe is standing, Scissors Hold leads naturally to a takedown (p. B370). Having both of his legs grappled this way gives you +3 in the Quick Contest!

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