Defaults: fencing weapon skill-9, other Melee Weapon skill-11, or unarmed combat skill-11.

Prerequisite: Any unarmed combat or Melee Weapon skill; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

Grand Disarm is a special All-Out Attack that lets you disarm every foe adjacent to you with lightning speed. Use these rules instead of the usual ones for All-Out Attack (p. B365). If you attempt a Grand Disarm, it's all you can do that turn, no matter how fast or skilled you are.

A Grand Disarm involves spinning in place - you cannot step - and trying to disarm every single foe within a yard. You must engage your enemies in either clockwise or counterclockwise order (your choice). You can't combine this with any technique except Disarming (p. 70).

Roll against Grand Disarm once per foe, in the order chosen above, to hit his weapon. Your opponents may defend normally. If you critically miss on any of these attacks, your Grand Disarm ends immediately and you must roll on the Critical Miss Table (p. B556).

After resolving all of the attack and defense rolls, you may try to disarm everyone who didn't successfully defend! Use the rules on p. B401; you roll against the higher of your weapon skill or your Disarming technique (not Grand Disarm). Resolve each disarming attempt completely before moving to the next. Should you be disarmed during one of these Contests, don't keep rolling - your turn ends immediately.

Since Grand Disarm is an All-Out Attack, you have no active defenses afterward. In a cinematic game, though, it's traditional for those disarmed this way to gape and gawk on their next turn - not to attack with another weapon or bare hands. The GM should make an IQ roll for each foe (in over-the-top games, at -1 per successful disarm after the first). Those who fail are mentally stunned (p. B420) by your awe-inspiring move!

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