Default: prerequisite skill-4.

Prerequisite: Any unarmed combat or one-handed Melee Weapon skillt; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

If you attack with two weapons at once, you're normally at -4 on each attack unless you All-Out Attack. This technique lets you buy off the penalty. To eliminate the extra -4 for the "off" hand, you'll also need Off-Hand Weapon Training (p. 50). See Dual-Weapon Attacks (p. B417) for other important details.

You must learn Dual-Weapon Attack (DWA) separately for each skill. For instance, attacking with two axes requires two DWA (Axe/Mace) rolls, but attacking with an axe and a whip requires a DWA (Axe/Mace) roll and a DWA (Whip) roll.

Dual-Weapon Attack is a valid combat option even in realistic games. The technique is cinematic because you need Trained by a Master or Weapon Master to improve it.

t This technique is also available for Guns (Pistol) even in realistic campaigns and for Bow in cinematic ones. DWA (Bow) lets you shoot two arrows at once from a bow, possibly at different targets! Heroic Archer halves the default penalty to -2. Readying a second arrow requires an extra Ready or use of Multiple Fast-Draw (p. 103).

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