Default: prerequisite skill-2.

Prerequisite: Acrobatics or any unarmed combat skill; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

This represents special training at presenting little resistance to the force of a punch or other bludgeoning attack, resulting in less injury. Whenever you're hit by a crushing attack, you may roll against Roll with Blow to reduce damage.

Success means you take half damage (round up) before subtracting DR . . . but double the basic damage roll to calculate knockback (p. B378). This doubling is cumulative with the effects of attacks that normally cause extra knockback. Make a DX roll at -1 per yard of knockback to avoid falling down. Critical success on Roll with Blow means you take only 1 point of damage (extra knockback still applies).

Failure means you take normal damage and extra knockback. On a critical failure, you also fall down automatically and are physically stunned!

Roll with Blow is risky in places where knockback is likely to mean a collision. In a superhero game, the GM may let anyone learn this skill - people being knocked great distances into and through things is very much in-genre!

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