Default: prerequisite skill.

Prerequisite: Any unarmed combat or Melee Weapon skillt; cannot exceed prerequisite skill+4.

Feints aren't always phony attacks. They include breaks in rhythm, false steps, head fakes, and other ploys to misdirect the foe. This technique represents training in all such methods. If you know it above default, use it instead of the underlying skill whenever you feint (p. B365) or someone tries to feint you. For instance, with Broadsword at 14 and Feint (Broadsword) at 16, you would make and resist feints at 16.

Feint includes knowledge of Beats (pp. 100-101) and Ruses (p. 101). Make a ST-based roll to attempt a Beat or to use ST to resist one, an IQ-based roll to try a Ruse, or a Per-based roll to use Per to resist a Ruse. To find your level, add the difference between the relevant score and DX to Feint; e.g., DX 12, IQ 14, and Feint at 16 would allow a Ruse at 18.

t Some styles include a Style Perk that permits a default to Acrobatics, Dancing, or another non-combat skill; see Feints Using Non-Combat Skills (p. 101).

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