Defaults: Brawling-3 or Wrestling-4.

Prerequisite: Brawling or Wrestling; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

This brutal attack involves dropping your entire weight onto your foe knee-first. It's normally executed from a standing posture by driving your knee into your adversary and landing on top of him. You can only use it against an opponent who's lying down, but it's an ideal follow-up to a takedown. Knee Drop is a special option for Committed Attack or All-Out Attack. Use these rules instead of the usual ones for those maneuvers.

Roll against Knee Drop to hit. Your victim may dodge or block, or parry at -2. If he parries, your body counts as a weapon with weight equal to your ST; see Parrying Heavy Weapons (p. B376).

As a Committed Attack, Knee Drop inflicts thrust+2, or thrust at +1 per die if better. Brawling adds its usual

Dirty Tricks

Which tactics are considered "dirty tricks" depends on exactly where, when, and whom you're fighting. In a sporting match, anything that's against the rules for fairness or safety reasons - dangerous holds, biting, blows to the groin, dirt in the eyes, etc. - is "dirty," and getting caught means a forfeit and possible legal action. These things may be overlooked in a duel or a joust (even an "honorable" knightly one), but unequal or poisoned weapons would be "dirty," with results ranging from a career-destroying reputation to bloody vendetta. On the street, in prison, or at war, of course, all bets are off!

Throwing dirt, sand, beer, etc., in the eyes is a popular dirty trick. Treat this as an attack based on DX, at -5 for the face but +3 for the width of the cloud or splash. The victim may dodge or block, but not parry. If hit, he must roll against HT. Failure means he's blinded for 1d-3 seconds (minimum 1). Critical failure means he's blinded for 1d-3 minutes (minimum 1) - he looked right into the attack with two open eyes!

An unexpected illegal blow in a sporting match or duel may take a defender by surprise. Treat the first illegal blow as a free feint resolved immediately before the attack is resolved, on the same turn. Defenses against subsequent illegal blows of any kind suffer no penalties - the defender won't be caught out twice! This won't work on a battlefield, because nothing is against the "rules."

damage bonus; Wrestling adds damage equal to its ST bonus (+1 at DX+1, +2 at DX+2 or better) instead. As an All-Out Attack, damage is thrust+3, or thrust+1 at +1 per die if better, plus skill bonuses.

On a miss, you hit the ground and one leg takes the damage you would have inflicted. If your opponent blocks with a shield, it has the same effect.

Succeed or fail, you end up kneeling. You're at -2 to defend and unable to retreat after a Committed Attack. After an All-Out Attack, you're defenseless!

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