Default: prerequisite skill-2.

Prerequisite: Any combat skill; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

Some cinematic martial artists show their contempt for lesser opponents by remaining seated when attacked. This technique replaces the prerequisite skill while seated; e.g., if you have Karate at 20 and Fighting While Seated (Karate) at 19, you can punch or feint from a seated position at 19, kick at 17, etc. Fighting While Seated also helps with the -2 to defend while seated. If you know it at skill-1, you're at -1 to defend, while at full skill, you have no penalty.

You may stand on your turn by taking a Change Posture maneuver. To stand instantly, roll against Acrobatic Stand (p. 65) at +4. Success lets you take any maneuver normally. Failure means you must take a Change Posture maneuver.

For rules on fighting while sitting on the ground rather than seated in a chair, see Postures, Hit Locations, and Techniques (pp. 98-99).

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