Default: Karate-4.

Prerequisite: Karate; cannot exceed Karate skill.

This showy, dangerous move lets you leap into the air to increase range and damage with a kick. Some sources claim it was used to unhorse riders! It's a special option for Committed Attack (pp. 99-100) and All-Out Attack (p. B365). The rules below replace the standard ones for those maneuvers.

As a Committed Attack, a Jump Kick involves a short jump forward or sideways that ends in a sharp kick. You must take two steps toward your foe; this effectively gives an extra yard of reach. Roll against Jump Kick to hit. A hit does thrust+1 crushing damage - or thrust at +1 per two dice, if better - plus Karate bonuses. Afterward, you cannot dodge or retreat until next turn, and have -2 on all other active defenses. On a miss, make the usual DX roll to avoid a fall; see p. B274.

An All-Out Attack involves hurling your body at your opponent foot-first. You must move at least half your Move (minimum 2 yards) forward. Roll against Jump Kick to hit. Your target parries at -2. A hit inflicts thrust+2 - or thrust at +1 per die, if better - plus skill bonuses. If you miss, or if your target successfully defends, you fall down unless you can make a DX-4 or Acrobatics-2 roll. Hit or miss, you have no defenses at all until next turn!

These rules are intended for Martial Arts campaigns. The GM is free to use the less-realistic version on p. B231 in games that don't focus on the martial arts.

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