Default: prerequisite skill-2.

Prerequisite: Any unarmed combat or Melee Weapon skill; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

Springing Attack represents an attack made from the kind of deep stance that some cinematic fighters use to "store up" energy for a powerful strike. To make an attack like this, you must first crouch. This takes your entire turn

- you may do nothing else.

On your next turn, make a roll against Springing Attack

- not the prerequisite skill - to hit with your first attack. If you hit, that one attack is at +2 to damage or +1 per die, whichever is better. If you miss, you have -2 to DX and all active defenses until your next turn. On a critical miss, you fall down! If your foe defends, you suffer no special ill effects.

TEcHNiQuEs 87

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Silly Techniques

Humorous movies often feature silly techniques that embarrass or distract the victim. These aren't "cinematic" in the usual sense - they aren't legendary, high-powered, or chi-based - but neither are they realistic. Most simply wouldn't work in a real fight. The GM may rule that such techniques are useless (see Useless Techniques, p. 95), but in a silly game it's more fun to let them work!

you. On later turns, roll a Quick Contest: your Halitosis Attack vs. your victim's HT. This counts as an attack.

If you win, you stun your victim for seconds equal to your margin of victory. If you critically succeed or he critically fails, he's retching for that time instead (p. B429). If he has No Sense of Smell/Taste, though, he's immune!

There are persistent rumors of a Flatulence Attack that

Double Eye-Poke


Defaults: Brawling-5 or Karate-5.

works on foes who grapple you from behind. The GM should decide whether martial farts suit his campaign.


Prerequisite: Brawling or Karate; cannot exceed prereq-


uisite skill.

This is a darting thrust to both eyes using one hand with two extended fingers - often accompanied by suitable sound effects ("Poink!"). The goal isn't to maim but to dis

Defaults: Brawling-5 or Karate-5. Prerequisite: Brawling or Karate; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

A Noogie is a knuckle rub to the top of the head. If hit,

tract the victim so you can pull a fast one or run away! If hit, the target must roll vs. HT. Failure means he's blinded for seconds equal to his margin of failure.

the victim suffers moderate pain on his next turn (only). Repeated hits on successive turns cause this to progress a step a turn to severe pain, terrible pain, and agony. Further

>—. n 1 j-. / ■

attacks extend the agony's duration. For rules for pain and agony, see p. B428.

The best way to use Noogie is to pin the target and noo-

Default: prerequisite skill Parry.

Prerequisite: Any unarmed combat skill; cannot exceed

gie away until he's in agony. This gives the usual +3 to Intimidation when you finally stop and make demands ("Say 'uncle'!").

prerequisite Parry+5.

Head DR beyond the standard DR 2 for the skull grants

The best defense against Double Eye-Poke is to place a

1 J -1+1 +1 1 ■ 1 £ +1 ++ 1 ' c:


hand upright along the nose, which forces the attacker's fingertips to stop short of the eyes. This parry is an ultimate

Nose Slap

defense, and can go as high as Parry+5. Of course, it only

1 ' j T""\ 1 1 "I-1 Tl 1


works against Double Eye-Poke . . .

Defaults: Brawling-5 or Wrestling-5.

n • •, -pi 1 ■ T i t ■ 1

Flying Atomic Wedgie

Prerequisite: Brawling or Wrestling; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.


Nose Slap is a close-combat attack that involves grab-

Defaults: Brawling-8 or Wrestling-8. Prerequisite: Brawling or Wrestling; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

bing the victim's nose with one hand and using the other to slap him across the face - all in one smooth motion. If hit, the target is stunned and must roll vs. HT. Failure means he

The Flying Atomic Wedgie is a Move and Attack: you leap past the target, grab hold of his underpants, and pull at full power - hopefully getting the shorts up over his head. If you hit, roll a Quick Contest of ST with the victim. You're at

drops anything he's holding in either hand and clutches his nose. If he has something he can't drop, like a shield, he hits himself in the face with it. Nyuk!

+1 per yard you ran toward him. If you win, he suffers

Wet Willy

agony (p. B428) for minutes equal to your margin of victory and embarrassment for considerably longer.


Defaults: Brawling-6 or Karate-6.

Prerequisite: Brawling or Karate; cannot exceed prereq-

Halitosis Attack

uisite skill.


To attempt a Wet Willy, you must first take a Ready

Default: HT-5; cannot exceed HT+5. Prerequisite: Odious Personal Habit (Foul Breath).

This dreaded attack is an attempt to overcome the enemy with bad breath in close combat. To use it, you must grapple your foe from the front or he must do the same to

maneuver and moisten a finger with saliva. The following turn, roll against Wet Willy to wiggle the slimy finger around in your adversary's ear. If he's hit, he must roll as if Squeamish (p. B156) with a self-control roll equal to his Will. If he's already Squeamish, he must attempt his normal self-control roll at -3. Failure has the usual effect.

You may combine Springing Attack with another striking technique. See Using Techniques Together (p. 64) to find effective skill level.

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