Defaults: ST-3 or Wrestling-3; cannot exceed ST+3 or Wrestling+3.

Some cinematic wrestlers - and strongmen in general -can pick up an opponent and break his spine over their knee. To attempt this, you must first grapple your foe with two hands around the torso. Resolve this as an ordinary grapple.

If your opponent fails to break free on his turn, roll against Backbreaker on your next turn. Success means you lift up your victim, drop to one knee, and smash his back across your other knee. Failure means you drop him; he ends up face-up on the ground and you end up kneeling, but neither of you suffers damage. If his weight exceeds your BLx4, you simply aren't strong enough to pick him up - you waste a turn trying to lift him and can't proceed with the technique.

A successful Backbreaker does swing crushing damage to the spine. This location has no special wounding multiplier but sufficient injury can do serious harm; see New Hit Locations (p. 137). Even if the GM isn't using the spine hit location, he should use those rules for Backbreaker.

The target's rigid DR protects normally. Flexible armor, including natural DR with the Flexible or Tough Skin limitation, has no effect. The spine's DR does apply, as this is a direct blow to the spine.

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