Defaults: Brawling-3 or Karate-3.

Prerequisite: Karate or Brawling; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

This is a kick that shoves your adversary away instead of injuring him. You hit him with the flat of your foot and push. Many kickboxing styles use this technique to shove an opponent into the ropes or far enough away to allow a full-extension finishing move.

A Push Kick is a shove (p. B372) in all respects except that it's done as a kick. Roll against Push Kick to hit. Your opponent may defend normally. If you succeed, roll your usual kicking damage and double it. This damage causes no injury -use it only to work out knockback (p. B378).

The above rules assume a Push Kick to the torso. A Push Kick to the leg gives the victim -2 to any DX roll to avoid falling down as a result of knockback. Targeting the skull, face, or neck makes the penalty -3. No other hit locations are valid.

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