Defaults: Judo-2, Wrestling-3, or appropriate weapon skill-3.

Prerequisite: Judo, Wrestling, or appropriate weapon skill; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

This close-combat attack involves locking the target's neck and applying pressure. It requires two hands. Roll against Choke Hold to hit. If you come from in front of your victim, you're at -1.

Your victim may try any legal defense. If he fails, you apply the hold, which counts as a grapple. If you struck from behind, he can only defend if he knew you were coming (see p. B391). Otherwise, all he can do is attempt to tuck his chin to counter your hold. This is a parry at -2 with a grappling skill. He can't retreat. If he succeeds, you grapple him but get no hold; critical success means he completely ducks your attack.

On your foe's next turn and on subsequent turns, he may try to break free. You're at +5 in the Quick Contest for using two hands. You control only his neck and head, not his arms and legs. He can attack you at the usual -4 for being grappled. If you came from behind, he may only try the strikes detailed under Pain and Breaking Free (p. 119) or attempt to grapple your arm, which allows the usual follow-up techniques on later turns.

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