Default: prerequisite skill.t

Prerequisite: Any weapon skill; cannot exceed prerequisite skill+5.t

If you know this technique above default, you may use it instead of the underlying skill whenever somebody actively tries to disarm you (see Knocking a Weapon Away, p. B401). For instance, if you have Staff-13 and Retain Weapon (Staff)-16, you resist disarms as if you had Staff-16.

Should an adversary try to disarm you using brute strength, you may make a ST-based Retain Weapon roll instead of a ST roll. Find your level by subtracting DX and adding ST. For example, if you have ST 14, DX 12, and Retain Weapon-15, your ST-based level is 15 - 12 + 14 = 17.

t When learning this technique for missile weapons such as guns and bows, it defaults to DX and cannot exceed DX+5.

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