Defaults: Boxing-9, Brawling-9, or Karate-9.

Prerequisite: Boxing, Brawling, or Karate; cannot exceed prerequisite skill-4.

This is a jab to the eye using an extended finger. It can blind but it never gets the x4 wounding modifier for the skull (compare Lethal Eye-Poke, below). Roll against Eye-Poke to hit.

A hit inflicts thrust-3 crushing damage. Injury over HP/10 cripples the eye. Any excess is lost. A miss by 1 strikes the protective bone around the eye, damaging the face instead - but as you're hitting bone, skull DR (usually DR 2) protects. Hurting Yourself (p. B379) applies if your target has any DR, not just DR 3+, or if you hit bone.

Due to the risk of finger injury, many fighters pull this blow (see Subduing a Foe, p. B401). Little damage is needed to cripple an eye in any event!

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