Default: prerequisite skill Parry-5.

Prerequisite: Judo or Karate; cannot exceed prerequisite Parry.

This often-foolhardy cinematic technique - common in samurai stories - lets you trap an opponent's weapon in mid-stroke. By clapping your hands together, you capture the weapon's blade, haft, or head.

Roll against Hand-Clap Parry to defend against an attacker's weapon. Success means you stop the attack and trap the weapon. Failure means you're hit, and your assailant may choose to hit his original target or either of your hands! Succeed or fail, this is the only parry you may make with your hands this turn.

If you trap the weapon, your enemy's turn ends immediately. He loses any additional attacks or maneuvers he might have had, and can't step. He can't use the trapped weapon to parry or attack until you relinquish it. On future turns, he may try to break free. If he opts to give up his weapon, it's a free action on his turn.

On your next turn, you may attempt to disarm or use Snap Weapon (p. 87). You don't have to do either - you can act normally while holding onto the weapon, as long as you leave two hands on the weapon and don't step away from your victim. Relinquishing the weapon is a free action on your turn.

If you make a successful disarm attempt - or your foe releases his weapon - you may try to reverse the weapon and ready it yourself on your next turn. This requires a DX roll. Success means you catch the weapon, which counts as a Ready maneuver. On a critical success, you ready the weapon instantly! Failure means you drop it. On a critical failure, you also inflict Tip Slash (p. 113) damage on your torso.

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