Defaults: Brawling-1, Sumo Wrestling-1, or Wrestling-2.

Prerequisite: Brawling, Sumo Wrestling, or Wrestling; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

This attack uses two feet in an attempt to injure and knock down an opponent. It's a special option for Move and Attack. Use the following rules instead of the normal rules for that maneuver.

A Drop Kick is a type of slam (p. B371). You must move at least a yard towards your target. The kick itself has a reach of 2 yards. Roll against Drop Kick to hit. Damage is as for a slam, at +2 for going feet first (or +3 if wearing heavy boots). Brawling, Sumo Wrestling, or Wrestling adds its usual damage bonus. Succeed or fail, you immediately fall down. Until your next turn, you may block or parry from the ground at the usual penalties, but you can't dodge or retreat.

In a cinematic game, GMs may allow an Acrobatics-5 roll for the attacker to land on his feet after a successful Drop Kick. A miss results in a fall!

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