Defaults: Brawling-4 or Wrestling-5.

Prerequisite: Brawling or Wrestling; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

This is a devastating elbow strike delivered using the whole body. It's normally done by dropping from a standing posture, driving an elbow into the victim and landing on top of him. You can use it against a kneeling, sitting, or lying foe, making it an ideal follow-up to a takedown. Elbow Drop is a special option for Committed Attack or All-Out Attack. Use the rules here instead of the usual ones for those maneuvers.

Roll against Elbow Drop to hit. The victim may dodge or block, or parry at -2. If he parries, your body counts as a weapon with weight equal to your ST; see Parrying Heavy Weapons (p. B376).

As a Committed Attack, Elbow Drop inflicts thrust+2, or thrust at +1 per die if better. Brawling adds its usual damage bonus; Wrestling adds damage equal to its ST bonus (+1 at DX+1, +2 at DX+2 or better) instead. As an All-Out Attack, damage is thrust+3, or thrust-1 at +2 per die if better, plus skill bonuses. If an Elbow Drop causes knockback, the target goes nowhere - but if he's sitting or kneeling, he must make the usual DX roll or be knocked down.

If you miss, you hit the ground and suffer the damage you would have inflicted. The same thing happens if your opponent blocks with a shield.

Succeed or fail, you end up lying face-up on the ground. After a Committed Attack, you're at -2 to defend and unable to retreat. After an All-Out Attack, you're defenseless!

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