Default: prerequisite skill-5.

Prerequisite: Any unarmed combat or Melee Weapon skill; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

Counterattack represents attacking as soon as possible after defending in order to take advantage of the momentary "hole" an attacker must leave in his defenses. You can only attempt it on your turn immediately following a successful active defense - and only vs. the foe against whom you defended. If you blocked or parried, the Counterattack doesn't have to use the hand(s) you used to defend, although it can if you wish.

Roll against Counterattack to hit. Your foe is at -2 to Parry, or to his resistance roll if you tried a grappling move that uses a Quick Contest (e.g., takedown), or at -1 to Block or Dodge. If you hit, your attack inflicts its usual damage. You can use another technique as your counterattack; see Using Techniques Together (p. 64) to find effective skill level.

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