Default: prerequisite skill.

Prerequisite: Judo or Knot-Tying; cannot exceed prerequisite skill+4.

This is the technique of binding a victim limb-by-limb while parrying his attacks. In Japanese legend, guards and police used it to restrain criminals, while ninja used it for abductions. To use Binding, you must have a rope (or handcuffs) ready in two hands.

Binding only works in close combat. On your turn after a successful grapple or parry - unarmed or using the rope -you can attempt to bind a limb. To do so, win a Quick Contest of Binding vs. your foe's DX or best grappling skill. This is an attack. To tie up successive limbs, repeat the process. You can bind two limbs with cuffs, any number with a rope. Your victim can try to free himself on his turn; use the rules for Bolas (p. B410).

If you bind all of your victim's legs, he must roll vs. DX-6 every turn or fall down. His DX and ST are at -6 to resist takedowns and techniques intended to knock him down. If you bind all of his limbs, he's helpless - although he can attempt an Escape or DX-6 roll to free himself (see Escape, p. B192).

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