Default: prerequisite skill Parry-1.

Prerequisite: Brawling or Karate; cannot exceed prerequisite Parry.

A Jam is an attempt to parry a low-line attack - typically a kick - by interposing a foot or leg aggressively enough to injure the attacker. It's only useful against attacks on your lower body (feet, legs, or groin). You may attempt it instead of a non-damaging leg or foot parry once per turn; see Parries with Legs or Feet (p. 123).

Roll against Jam to defend, at the usual -3 for Brawling vs. a swung weapon. You cannot retreat. Failure means you're hit; your attacker may choose to hit his original target, your parrying leg, or your parrying foot. Success means you parry and may roll against the underlying skill to strike the attacking body part or weapon, modified as follows.

Modifiers: The usual -2 for kicking. Against unarmed, +0 to hit a leg, -2 to hit an arm or foot, -4 to hit a hand; -1 if your foe knows Rapid Retraction (p. 51). Against armed, a basic -3; another -3 to -5 for weapon size (see p. B400); a further -3 for Brawling vs. a swung weapon.

Success on this skill roll inflicts thrust-3 crushing damage or thrust-1 at -1 per die, whichever is worse, on the targeted weapon or body part. Skill bonuses apply normally. Failure means you didn't parry forcefully enough to inflict damage.

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